Surplex Construction

Surplex Construction is a company that focuses on providing high quality services for their clients from extensions, conversions to full building overhauls.

Surplex Construction came to us for design of the overall package for the branding of the company. They asked for a simple yet bold design.

We created the logo and did the works; flyers, business stationary package, website, social network branding, flyers, business cards, PVC banner, mugs and t-shirts.

For the logo, we utilized the initials of the company name to construct a block shape combining the S and C. Since Surplex are builders and decorators, they needed branding to showcase who they are. We used typical construction solid colours, such as yellow/orange and black that is consistently used by companies such as Stanley or JCB. We used a block font, which catches the eye especially against the contrasting colours used. The branding is pretty basic, keeping it to the point and letting the customers know exactly what services Surplex provide.

– Logo Design
– Web Design
– Branding & Social Network Design
– Business Stationary & Printing